Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts - Embed video, audio, and more in your 3D Spaces

Generate more engagement by embedding videos, images, audio, and more with Multimedia Mattertag Posts We evolved to experience the world in 3D -- to see it, move through it, interact with objects and other people, and build rich maps in our mind as we do so. We learn fastest in situations where we are fully immersed and directly experiencing the topic we’re learning about. Interestingly, we spend much of our time with other less immersive forms of content, whether it’s documents, tables, illustrations, photos, maps, or videos. The online world is built on this content and can manipulate it in amazing ways. It allows us to search through millions of products or listings, share a stream of pho

Matterport Partners with Google to Help Businesses Better Market Their Venues

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 9, 2017 -- Immersive media technology company Matterport today announced a partnership with Google to enable the publication of immersive Matterport content to Google Street View. Starting this summer, owners of Matterport Spaces will be able to directly publish to Google Street View with the click of a button through the newly-launched Street View Publish API. The 3D scans will appear and be accessible almost instantaneously on Google Maps and in Google Search results, driving additional traffic to businesses' websites. "Matterport is excited to partner with Google to enhance the way business owners market to customers around the world," said Bill Brown, CEO of Matte

Matterport + Google Street View: A game-changer for Matterport Service Partners

Today, Matterport announced its integration into Google Street View at Google’s Street View Summit 2017. This is an important development for businesses looking to enhance their online reach and ability to draw in customers. The partnership will allow one-click publication of Matterport immersive 3D Spaces into Google Street View and, by extension, Google Search and Google Maps, too. So why does this matter? You will get high quality image capture in a short amount of time with a lot of versatility. How’s that for efficiency? Through this new tool, photographers will be able to upload the captured content to an additional platform, as well as utilize Matterport’s ability to create and export

3D Tours: Necessity, Not Novelty

Not only are they a huge point of differentiation for a lot of our agents, but sellers love how they will help them avoid showings among peo

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