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Matterport + Google Street View: A game-changer for Matterport Service Partners

Today, Matterport announced its integration into Google Street View at Google’s Street View Summit 2017. This is an important development for businesses looking to enhance their online reach and ability to draw in customers. The partnership will allow one-click publication of Matterport immersive 3D Spaces into Google Street View and, by extension, Google Search and Google Maps, too.

So why does this matter? You will get high quality image capture in a short amount of time with a lot of versatility. How’s that for efficiency? Through this new tool, photographers will be able to upload the captured content to an additional platform, as well as utilize Matterport’s ability to create and export photos, 3D file formats and VR experiences. Just capture once and then publish in multiple media formats and to multiple platforms increases productivity ten-fold.

More efficiency translates into better service for customers and lower costs per image capture compared to DSLR cameras and software stitching solutions. As a panoramic photographer and Matterport Service Partner, gone are the hours I spent stitching together disparate photospheres and linking constellations to publish to Google Street View. The Matterport process will be more efficient than the traditional panoramic photography workflow, stitching and moderating that many of us are accustomed to when creating a Google Street View virtual tour.

This partnership gives photographers the ability to capture multiple views through one application, rather than through numerous applications with different devices, streamlining the process at the end of the day and saving all of us time and money. One of the benefits of being a Matterport customer and supporting this publish capability is uploading to Google Street View’s ecosystem will be self-contained, start to finish. We won’t need to use other software to finish and publish to Google Street View, it will be more direct. Also, because a single Matterport scan generates multiple assets - including 2D HDR photos, 3D walkthroughs, video assets and others - I can give my customers an entire digital media marketing package with a single onsite scan.

Enabling Matterport customers with the ability to upload our immersive content to Google Street View will be highly beneficial to us. The access we will gain through Google’s platform will help us to enhance our visibility, promote our businesses and offerings, and attract different types of clients and industries that we can service in the future. This new capability will permit us to better market ourselves in less time and leave viewers with a more instant and immersive experience without them having to leave their home.

To learn more about the integration, read the official press release.

Chris Petracco is President of TrustedPhotoDC, a Google Street View Trusted Contributor and Matterport Service Partner.

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