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Matterport Partners with Google to Help Businesses Better Market Their Venues

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 9, 2017 -- Immersive media technology company Matterport today announced a partnership with Google to enable the publication of immersive Matterport content to Google Street View. Starting this summer, owners of Matterport Spaces will be able to directly publish to Google Street View with the click of a button through the newly-launched Street View Publish API. The 3D scans will appear and be accessible almost instantaneously on Google Maps and in Google Search results, driving additional traffic to businesses' websites.

"Matterport is excited to partner with Google to enhance the way business owners market to customers around the world," said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport. "Our all-in-one solution helps businesses promote their venues and provide a preview of what customers can expect. Because the Matterport solution uses 3D data to automate the capture and content creation process, our customers are able to very easily produce a superior consumer experience on Google Street View and the web. This will help drive online consumer engagement and generate site visits for businesses."

Matterport's large and growing customer base spans a range of industries from residential and commercial real estate to hotels, restaurants, multifamily, vacation rentals, and scenic points of interest. With each capture, venue owners can get 2D photos, 3D and virtual reality (VR) models, video, and other digital media assets. What further sets Matterport apart is that it is the most immersive customer experience available on the web and in Google Street View, in terms of consistency, image quality, and 3D transitions.

"Street View is a beloved brand because it helps prospective travelers/guests/customers gain the confidence of being there – before they go. In our quest to help people remotely navigate places, a sense of immersion has been key, so we're always keeping tabs on companies that take immersion to the next level. Matterport offers one of the most impressively realistic consumer experiences I've seen," said Charles Armstrong, Street View product manager. "Bringing the Matterport experience to Google Street View will be a game changer for businesses looking to better market themselves, and for the photographers who serve them."

"Since Matterport is completely automated, photographers and service providers like myself can publish direct to Google Street View instead of stitching together disparate 360 photos and linking constellations," said Chris Petracco, President of TrustedPhoto DC, a Google Street View trusted contributor and Matterport Service Partner. "That, combined with Matterport's ability to deliver realistic captures in a variety of formats, means I can give my customers more assets in less time. All of this translates into better value and faster turnaround for the venue owner, less time on site to do the scan, and ultimately lower costs for me to deliver my service. This can be a real advantage for venues, both large and small, as well as service providers."

Google Street View supports 2.5D transitions using just the sort of geometry that Matterport generates. By connecting Google Street View to Matterport's publishing service, a best-in-class authoring service and best-in-class discovery platform have come together to provide the definitive business virtual tour pairing. Starting this summer, customers will be able to access the new Publish to Google Street View capability through Matterport's beta program. Venue owners can get a Matterport scan today, via a service provider, and publish it to Google Street View once the publish capability is live. Interested customers can sign up for Matterport's beta program, and will be contacted when the beta program is available.

Founded in 2011, Matterport has revolutionized the way businesses in real estate, hospitality, travel, entertainment, construction, and other sectors generate revenue. Matterport's easy-to-use device captures immersive 3D tours, virtual reality experiences, Google Street View inside view tours, 3D and 2D floor plans, guided tours and more. The all-in-one technology requires little to no training and a 2,000 square foot space can be captured in an hour. To date, over 500,000 spaces have been captured, generating more than 150 million "visits" across 80 countries. Since VR was offered for all models in Q4 2016, Matterport has seen VR usage explode, clocking over 3 million pano views. To view more Matterport Spaces, please visit the Matterport Gallery. To learn more about becoming a Matterport Service Provider, visit our Service Provider Program.

About Matterport Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Matterport is an immersive media technology company that delivers an end-to- end system for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating immersive 3D and virtual reality (VR) versions of real-world spaces on Web, mobile devices and VR headsets. The Matterport Pro Camera and Cloud Services make it quick and easy to turn real-world places into immersive virtual experiences.

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